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The Deadly Flowers; Pansy and Daphne
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Acid_Flowers is a community, dedicated to Pansy Parkinson and Daphen Greengrass. There are just to few communties for these two, so I decided to make one!


1: Please respect all members of the community. If you’ve got a problem with someone, take your issues somewhere else. This also means no flaming or insulting, constructive criticism is fine.

2: Fan Fiction; Fan art; icons; drabbles; articles; etc are all accepted as long as they are somehow related to Harry Potter and our lovely ladies. If you are going to post any icons, please use a live journal cut.

3: Any ship is accepted, as long as they are somehow related to Pansy Parkinson or Daphne Greengrass. Please keep all post on topic.

4: No ship bashing! Het, general, slash, femmeslash is accepted.

5: Please put a warning/rating on all post, if necessary.

6: Have fun!

Okay, now join!

Everything belongs to JK Rowling. No copy rights are intended.